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At Mithras Global, we are committed to providing the highest quality of legal service to our clients. We recognize that a reputation for excellence must be earned every step of the way and we strive to develop an open and long-term relationship with our clients.
Our client relationships set us apart. The following three rules guide us on every matter and constitute the essence of our firm:
  1. We aim to build effective long-term client relationships.

    We know our clients, their businesses, and the issues they face day in and day out. Our goal is always the thoughtful furtherance of our client's overall business objectives. We aim to build stronger client relationships by focusing on our clients needs and treating our clients with respect.
  2. We focus on being a trusted partner.

    We strive to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs and are dedicated in the pursuit of their interests. As the firm-client relationship matures, we want our clients to stop thinking of us as an external service provider, and start thinking of us as an extension of their business. We want to be your trusted partner and advisor.
  3. We aim to provide the highest quality of legal advice and representation to our clients.

    The firm fosters a highly cohesive and collaborative culture: we aim to consistently exceed expectations of our clients and provide services that are always above par.